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Antonis Kochilas Group of Enterprises

One of the greatest construction Firms in Cyclades  Land - Technical

The firm was established in 2004 and has very successfully bought landed properties on very good locations in nice prices, taking advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves.

Our first realty, 8000m is in the centre of Pireus occupying a building block on the streets Skilitsi- Androutsou- Omiridou Skilitsi- Evripidou, where Karenta Wogswagen, Auto Service Mercedes and other enterprises rent our spaces. 3000m are free to be rented In parts or in total.

Picture 1

This realty was purchased with money financed by Marfin Bank.

On Syros Island we bought a commercial centre by the company Neorio Simmetohon Ltd which is situated on the block of Mandilara and other strees. It has been rented to the Tax Office of Syros and the Centre for Citizen Service. 800 square metres of stores are offered for rent and 600 square metres are ready to house offices. Note that before its purchase the company Neorio Simmetohon had sold about 300m. This realty is comprised by 73 horizontal properties.

Picture 2

The above realty was financed by the Hellenic Bank of Greece.

At  Kini , Chersonisos and Dani areas of Syros we have bought 2 building sites facing the sea and we have built 2 exceptional villas of 400 square metres (basements and garages included). At Aliftos area of Syros we are currently constructing 12 mesonettes on a building ground of 23.297 square metres, at Madelidopi area we are building 5 mesonettes  and at Gefiri area we are building 4.

Picture 3

Financing was done by Proton Bank

Our other realties are in Mykonos. We have bought 5 plots at Fanari (17A,3A,12A,6A,23A), which are sold in the price of 780.000 each. At Libounia area, above Agios Sostis, we have 257.861,06 m2 funded by Alpha Bank. At Metalia area (horto) we have bought 2 building sites in order to construct vocational grounds.  At Fanari Giakoumo area we have bought a building site (G10) at Kourithrena we have 6 (A9,A7,A5,A1,A22,A14) and there is another one (B3) at Pigadi on which the company will construct 28 mesonettes.

Picture 4

In Thesaloniki  we have bought 2 vocational grounds on Dimitriou Soutsou street in order to build 28 studios- apartments destined to be rented or sold to students. At Epanomi area we are constructing 4 apartments and 4 mesonettes.

Picture 5

Financed by theNational Bank of Greece

Successful sales

Our company targets great value for its realties in very short time, something it has achieved so far. Let us mention that we had bought 30000 m2 at Vornas area in Mykonos which we have sold 12 times more than the price of purchase. In Theva  area we have bought 18000m2 and sold them 14 times more than the price of purchase. The company collects rents from the Tax Office of Syros, from the centre for Citizen service and the realty in Pireus and therefore is in a very good financial state, since all payments are done in cash. We do not issue deferred cheques.

RANIA Ltd 094539889 ODYSSEA ELITI 3-5 Thesaloniki Agios Ioannis Kalamaria

Mr Antonis Kochilas rents furnished apartments at Tourlos area, Fanari, Elia, Kanalia and Super Paradise area ,all in  Mykonos. The 2 mesonettes at Kanalia are sold 2.500.000 euro. For the ones at Fanari and Koundouros you should speak with him. His tel number is 6977 587824. In case it is busy call 6942470608


Antonis Koxilas
Mobile: +30 6977587824
Mobile: +30 6974660270
Web: www.koxilas.com
E-mail: antonis@koxilas.com
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